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An action-filled reimagining of the famous Greek myth, Jason and the Golden Fleece, brilliantly told by classicist Mark Knowles. He has come to take what is yours... Iolkos, Thessaly. 1230 BC. King Pelias has grown paranoid, tormented by his murderous past and a prophecy of the man who will one day destroy him. When a stranger arrives to compete in the Games of Poseidon, Pelias is horrified, for this young man should never have grown to manhood. He is Jason, Pelias' nephew, who survived his uncle's assassins as a child. Now Jason wants his revenge - and the kingdom. But Pelias is cunning as well as powerful. He gives his foe an impossible challenge: to claim the throne, Jason must first steal the fabled Golden Fleece of Colchis. Jason assembles a band of Greece's finest warriors. They are the Argonauts, named for their trusty ship. But even with these mighty allies, Jason will have to overcome the brutal challenges hurled his way. His mission and many lives depend on his wits - and his sword. PRAISE FOR 'ARGO' AND MARK KNOWLES: 'Mark Knowles has taken the legend of Jason and the Golden Fleece, and stripped it down to its bare bones... What is left is a deeply researched historical epic, so brilliantly brought to life I could taste the salt air on my tongue... Epic battles, well-rounded characters sailing through a brilliantly described world' -Adam Lofthouse, author of 'The Centurion's Son' 'What a spectacular triumph! Knowles has taken a reassuringly familiar legend and elevated it into a new, realistic and engrossing story' -Sam Taw '[Knowles] has teamed his love of learning classics and childhood love of sword-and-sandals epics to accomplish something remarkable' -Boarding Schools' Association Mark Knowles took degrees in Classics and Management Studies at Downing College, Cambridge. After a decade working as a frontline officer and supervisor within the Metropolitan Police Service, he became Head of Classics at a school in Harrogate. He is a particular fan of experimental archaeology and rowed on the reconstructed ancient Athenian trireme 'Olympias' during its last sea trials in Greece in 1994. En savoir plus

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Caractéristiques du produit

Type de produit : Audiobook
  • Éditeur : Saga Egmont
  • Date de parution : 26/09/2022
  • Langue d'origine : Anglais
  • Format : 0,0 x 0,0 x 0,0
Référence : 9788728286869
Lu par : Kingston, Andrew

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Mark Knowles

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