The Rivals of Dracula

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Bram Stoker's Dracula, still the most famous of all vampire stories, was first published in 1897. But the bloodsucking Count was not the only member of the undead to bare his fangs in the literature of the period. Late Victorian and Edwardian fiction is full of vampires and this anthology of scary stories introduces modern readers to fifteen of them. A travel writer in Sweden unleashes something awful from an ancient mausoleum. A psychic detective battles a vampire that has taken refuge in an Egyptian mummy. A nightmare becomes reality in the tower room of a gloomy country house. The Rivals of Dracula is a collection of classic tales to chill the blood and tingle the spine and includes works from authors Alice & Claude Askew, EF Benson, Mary Cholmondeley, F Marion Crawford, Ulric Daubeny, Augustus Hare, Julian Hawthorne, E and H Heron, MR James, Vernon Lee, Richard Marsh, Hume Nisbet, Frank Norris, Phil Robinson and HB Marriott Watson. En savoir plus

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The Rivals of Dracula

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The Rivals of Dracula

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The Rivals of Dracula