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Chef Rodolfo Guzmán serves a dynamic, wildly imaginative tasting menu at his acclaimed Santiago restaurant Boragó, using only native Chilean ingredients - often reinventing his courses mid-service. The book combines his fascinating narratives about Chilean geography and ingredients, his never-before-published notebook sketches of dishes and creative processes, and gorgeous landscape and food photographs that introduce readers to the distinctive pleasures of Chilean culture and cuisine. This is rounded off by Guzmán's selection of more than 80 savoury and sweet recipes exclusively chosen from the menu at Boragó. - Rodolfo Guzmán is a native Chilean who has cooked in globally renowned restaurants, including Mugaritz. Since he opened Boragó in Santiago in 2006, he has become a major figure in the world of gastronomy. Andoni Luis Aduriz is the globally admired chef of Mugaritz and one of Spain's most talented and innovative culinary minds. Andrea Petrini is an essayist, journalist, food curator, and the Road Manager of the culinary band GELINAZ! Key Selling Points - The first high-end gastronomy cookbook in English from a Chilean chef - celebrates both his distinctive cuisine and Chile's status as a must-see destination - Guzmán is a fast-rising star chef who has received global acclaim, ranked #36 by the World's 50 Best and #2 in Latin America - Guzmán and Boragó have been featured widely in international press, including Saveur, T Magazine, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and a 20-page feature in Fool
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Guzman Rodolfo

Rodolfo Guzman

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